How to cook Chicken Breast on Stove

How to cook Chicken Breast on Stove

Moist, yummy as well as fast. What a lot more can you desire in a weeknight recipe? Frying pan scorched and afterwards stove roasted to complete it off done in much less than 30 minutes.


2 skinless boneless poultry breasts
1 t Addition Virgin Olive Oil
2 t 7:2:1 seasoning


Initial turn on stove to pre-heat on 375. Place an oven risk-free pan on an oven top over medium high

heat with a tsp of oil. I make use of a 10 inch cast iron frying pan. Trim and also pat completely dry the poultry.

Sprinkle with 7:2:1 (view previous article or last guideline). Now the oil ought to be warm.

Brown both sides for 3-4 mins each. Obtain them to practically the shade you desire when consuming.

Transfer to stove. Cook for 15-20 mins up until about 165. Thinner bust will be 15 minutes and more thick bigger ones about 20 mins. Let rest after cooking

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